BK Supermix

Building on quality, BK SuperMix aims at expansion

In 2018, BK SuperMix Inc. aims to expand it’s services and operations as the company vows to maintain the high quality of concrete and pavement blocks, provided to customers and clients.
This is according to director of the company Briony Tiwarie who spoke of the company’s focus going forward.
“If you give a customer cheap concrete you lose them forever and that is not what we are about, we are about providing quality” The company executive pointed.
She explained that the company does have cooperate clients but it is the private individuals who often walk into the company and request that jobs be done for them.
Asked why this is so, Ms. Tiwarie pointed out that many persons are of the view that BK SuperMix is just there to provide concrete and block materials for BK Group of Companies but this is not the case.
She however admitted that companies within the BK Group of Companies, represents the largest cliental base of BK SuperMix.
Other cooperate companies would also purchase concrete from time to time as well as contractors working on both government and private contracts. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is also a client of BK SuperMix.
Asked about what drives the private individuals to use the services of BK SuperMix, Ms. Tiwarie quickly and boldly respond “our quality that we provide to them, we do not compromise on our quality”
She noted that at the first interaction with customers, they are informed about the company’s position as it relates to quality.
While some competitors do not always provide their customers with the exact quality paid for, such practices are not part of the BK SuperMix ideology.
“Every batch of our concrete that we provide comes from an automated plant and every batch is exactly what is paid for by a customer, sometimes even extra” Briony Tiwarie explained.
Asked of the plan of action for 2018, the company executive said it is simple, “we will continue to build our company on quality and provide a service that keeps our customers comfortable and willing to return”
The company is already eyeing some state of the art equipment which will improve the operational capacity and efficiency of BK SuperMix, stated Briony.
“We want to provide a product, we are looking for the long-term customers who will look back and that they got and come again and then even refer persons to us” She explained.
The company also seeks to increase and improve on the number and verity of pavement blocks this year. Focus is also being placed on ensuring that the in the long terms, BK SuperMix would not only be known for provide concrete or blocks also other value added services and that is where the company is aiming to go.
While BK SuperMix is not immediately exploring home construction, the company is confident that with the team at the helm of the operation and the vision for the company, BK SuperMix would soon be in apposition where is it regarded as a major supplier of concrete, blocks and other value added services, compliment by its workforce of just under sixty persons.
Companies and individuals interested in securing the services of BK SuperMix can reach out to the company via telephone number +1 592-226-5514 email address bksupermixinc@hotmail.com or by visiting the company’s office at Lot 1-2 Mud Flat Water Street Kingston.