BK Quarries


Guyana’s premier construction company – BK International Inc. is retooling its quarry operations at Teperu/Itabu along the Mazaruni River with purchases of state-of-the-art equipment, including the Surface Drill Rig PowerRoc T35-12 CIF.
The valuable drill will enable its operators to access rock from reserves that could not be easily accessed before acquiring this new drill. In the past, BK Quarry – which is part of the BK Group of Companies production of aggregates and rock materials per month has increased in volume to some 50,000 tons per month – an increase of approximately 60 per cent.
The Hydraulic Top Hammer Drill Rig Atlas (Copco brand and model) PowerRoc T35-12 with cab auto-propelled and track-mounted could drill holes between two and a half inches to four and a half inches maximum, in construction and quarrying application. Its dimensions and tracking force allow for easy transportation plus superb maneuverability on different terrain.
This piece of new equipment for the quarry, touted to be environmentally-friendly, complements a batch of DOOSAN heavy duty machinery with a total value of about US$3 million, which was handed over to BK International Inc. last November 28 by Mr. Van Dijik at Farm supplies Ltd. On the East Bank. The DOOSAN heavy duty equipment included eight excavators, two barges and three off-road high-capacity quarry trucks. These will all facilitate higher production and productivity in the company’s quarry operations.

The official docking and entry point to the B-6 (Teperu-Itabu) Quarry License

Teperu Quarry: Entrance and Security Checkpoint

Guests and visitors are required to enter the quarry at this point where they are received by the securtiy personnel of BK Quarries Inc. and equiped with the necessary safety gear to enter the quarry.

A historic primary crusher from the 1980’s on site near the entrance to the quarry facility

Teperu Quarry: Historic Quarry Equipment

This quarry has been operated by several companies for over a hundred years and the picture below depicts a primary crusher from the 1980’s that was used during the operation of the quarry at that time.

C. Location and Access

The Quarry Licenses B – 6 & B – 1 are contiguous and are located on the right bank of the Mazaruni River, approximately 5 miles south west of Bartica, and are shown on the topographic stock sheet 27 NE. Across the river on the opposite bank is the Itebali landing which is the gateway to the interior of administrative region #7: Cuyuni – Mazaruni. The area is approximately 35 miles upstream from Parika, along the Essequibo and Mazaruni rivers. It is accessible by barge and other vessels from Parika as well as from Georgetown. The journey by barge is the slowest, taking 16 hours to Georgetown and the speed boat form Parika is the fastest, taking just over an hour.

C. Location and Access

The area is also accessible by road and trail from Georgetown via the Georgetown – Linden - Rockstone road network which brings you to the Sherima crossing on the Essequibo river. This crossing is just 12 miles to the south east of the area and is connected by trails and the Bartica/Potaro road. The journey by road is relatively short and may be done in approximately 4-6 hours. There is also a road/trial connecting to the town of Bartica, where there are all civil and commercial facilities available.
There is also the Bartica airstrip just outside the eastern boundary of the area. This airstrip is no more than 2 miles by road from the quarry facilities and allows rapid access.

Map 2: Location and Access