BK Marine

For a number of years BK Marines are in operation

The delivery of aggregate, boulders and other quarry materials from the quarry to the point of demand, either at Parika or Georgetown, requires the use of a large fleet of ships, tugs and barges. These vessels also service the quarry with shipments of fuel, spares and other supplies required to maintain operations. Over time the BK Marine fleet has been augmented with the periodic addition of vessels and barges and now boasts a combined fleet 20 units strong. 

One of the most economic ways to transport aggregate and boulders is by the employ of tugs and barges. This solution allows the use of a relatively small vessle – the tug – to pull much larger barges which carry thousands of tons of load. Barges are also relivitely low maintainance and cost efficetive in terms of their procurement and oerational costs compared to ships with similar load carrying capacities