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BK Quarries Inc (BKQI) formerly known as Linden Quarries Inc.(LQI) was incorporated under the Companies Act 1991 on 19th April 2002. The company name change from LQI to BKQI was effected from 3rd september 2008. BKQI is an associate company of BKI. 

In 2002, during the execution of the five million united states Dollars (us$5,000,000.00)/ Caribbean Development Bank/Mon Choisi sea Defence Project it became evident that the stone Quarries, on which BK was depending to supply boulders to the project were unable to do so.

The local quarries were not capable of delivering rock armor in the quantities necessary and in the time frame demanded. This was placing the successful execution of the Project at tremendous risk.

BK therefore decided to establish its own facility that would guarantee timely access to boulders and in the required quantities.


BKQI applied for and received a licence from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission to draw on the supplies of granite stockpiled at Omai Gold Mines Ltd (OGML). These stockpiles amounting to approximately fifty million (50,000,000) tons were a necessary by product of OGML’s mining operations but remained the property of the Government of Guyana.These enormous quantities of stone which have already been blasted are sufficient to supply boulders for construction needs in Guyana for the next twenty (20) years.

With the approval of OGML, BKQI equipment was mobilized to remove the stone, which was then transported by Barge and specially designed trucks to Linden – the Bauxite Mining town from which BKQI operates. BKQI was able to contribute over twenty one thousand (21,000) tons of Rock Armor.

If this had not been done, BK would not have been able to successfully complete the Caribbean Development Bank funded Mon Choisi Project on time and within the budget and would have incurred serious penalties.


BKQI was established in Linden to take advantage of the tax and duty free concessions that the Government of Guyana was offering for investment in that area. These include a five year tax free holiday on profits and duty free concessions on imports for the Investment in Region 10 including Linden.

Linden is also at the crossroads to the interior and to Brazil and with the proposed Georgetown / Brazil road, Linden will acquire greater economic importance.BKQI has its own wharf / port facilities at Linden and is therefore ideally placed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Linden has been involved in bauxite mining since 1914 and has been severely affected by the downturn in the international bauxite market. There have been many layoffs in the industry and a highly skilled workforce accustomed to mining is available.BKQI has been able to draw from this work pool and is committed to providing employment opportunities in this economically depressed community.


BKQI has already made substantial investment in excess of two million united states Dollars (usD 2,000,000.00) to acquire three mining trucks, one with a capacity to carry 40-45 tons and the other two with a capacity of 100 tons each and a ten cubic yard Clark Front End Loader, the largest piece of such equipment in Guyana. BKQI has developed other infrastructure at Linden including a wharf, modern workers housing and workshops.

In pursuit of its objectives of becoming a fully fledged quarrying and mining company, BKQI has secured the Assets of Mazaruni Granite Products Inc, Teperu and Itabu Quarries in Mazaruni River. The largest Quarry in the Caribbean. We have invested a further five million united states Dollars (us$5,000,000.00) into these Quarries so that we could produce all the quarry material needs for the local and export market.

BK has been awarded major sea Defence projects in excess of thirty million united states Dollars (us$30,000,000.00). In order to successfully execute these projects, BK will have to rely upon BKQI for Quarry products which were created to provide same. Of course, with further investment, our drilling, blasting and crushing capacity would be increased allowing us to take advantage of Caricom demand for boulders and aggregates.

These assets acquired included ocean going tugs and barges which would facilitate this export business, reinforcing our original plan that these four companies BK, BKQI, BKMI and BK Farms would complement each other and constitute an integrated system. In the same manner, BKMI fleet of tugs barges and ships will deliver materials and equipment to various projects throughout Guyana and the Caribbean.


In order to further support the work of BK, BKQI has secured its own deposits of sand, Loam and Laterite Mining Concessions.

It is therefore fair to say that BKQI is surrounded by these various minerals which are easily accessible from its Concessions. BKQI plans to invest a further five million united states Dollars (us$5,000,000.00) in expansion. One area of expansion envisaged is the production of quality concrete solid and hollow blocks for residential and commercial uses. This venture is foreseen as a viable one since all the raw materials, except for the cement, are available within its concessions. BKQI intends to purchase a block making machine for this purpose.

The presence of BKQI in Linden and Bartica and its good relationship with the Regional Administrations has 


opened opportunities for BK to successfully bid on construction jobs within the Regions thus proving once again the synergies that the four companies produce, when working together.In addition, BKQI has obtained prime gold producing properties in the Mahdia Region – an area known for high quality gold producing claims.

This mining has started since sept. 2003 and the initial results show that the properties are proving to be valuable and economically feasible. The overall plan of BKQI therefore is to be a multi mineral producer, with its own facilities for drilling, blasting and crushing stone in support of the project of BKI and for export.

At the present time BKQI provides employment for one hundred and fifty (150) persons.When all of its projects are completed BKQI will have a work force in excess of three hundred (300) personnel.

BKQI is currently constructing a massive recreation and sports facility to the tune of two hundred million Guyana Dollars (GY$200,000,000.00). This facility will accomodate 75 guests at anytime for their overnight stay, promote eco-tourism and boost recreational facilities for staff and guests.


BKQI also boasts a waterfall and tourist facilities. This fall also has potential to produce 500 KVA electricity to supply the needs of the nearby commuinties.


BK Quarries Inc, a subsidiary of the dynamic B.K. Group of Companies conglomerate, is strategically located on the Mazaruni River. But unlike the saying `a company that doesn’t have a history, may not have a future’, BK Quarries Inc. which affords a breath–taking riverside view, does have an interesting and rich history, as the largest- known quarry facility in the Caribbean BK International Inc., the parent company managed by Mr Brian Tiwarie , has carved a niche for itself in Guyana as a leading construction company in the areas of sea defence, housing and roads.

It was the parent company’s need to maintain a reputation in the face of the unavailability of quarrying materials for the successful and timely execution of projects that led to the acquisition of Mazaruni Granite Products Limited (MGPL) (which was in receivership). In April 2006, a deal that was in excess of us$7.5m was concretised and BK Quarries Inc. was established

The assets included a dilapidated crushing plant which was operated by Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT), equipment leased from MACORP tugs and barges leased from Development Finance Limited (DFL) and a drill loaned from AINLIM. Having renamed the facility as BK Quarries Inc., the Managing Director’s insight is to develop the facility into a full-fledged quarrying company that would be able to satisfy the demands of the company, national demands as well as target other CARICOM countries.

BK Quarries Inc. currently owns 100 percent of the operations which boasts a fully computerized, state-of-the-art crushing plant capable of producing primary high-end aggregates at a rate of 800 tonnes per hour and 350 tonnes per hour in the secondary and tertiary phases.A super-mix concrete plant with the capacity of 175 cubic metres per hour, as well as a block- making plant that produces 1200 blocks per hour utilizing the by-products from the crushing plant, are among the added assets of the company.

In addition to onsite stockpiles of the varying aggregates, BK Quarries Inc. has a stock pile facility in Kingston in the city; several barges to facilitate the transport of aggregates from the Mazaruni location; and in excess of 80 pieces of heavy-duty quarrying equipment to compliment its operations.

BK Quarries Inc. which has an employment force in excess of 175 persons, like the parent company, is manned by a team of highly qualified and skilled administrative and lower level staff. It is of credit to BK Quarries Inc.’s management that most of the staff who were absorbed at the takeover are still in the employ by the company.

BK Quarries Inc. which has an employment force in excess of 175 persons, like the parent company, is manned by a team of highly qualified and skilled administrative and lower level staff. It is of credit to BK Quarries Inc.’s management that most of the staff who were absorbed at the takeover are still in the employ by the company.

A modern four-storey infrastructure, the show piece on the sprawling Mazaruni facility houses canteen and recreational facilities for senior and junior staff as well as accommodation for guests.

BK Quarries Inc., cognizant of the fertility of the area, the need to be self-sufficient due to the remoteness of the location, and as part of beatification project, has planted about 18, 000 citrus and other plants, inclusive of oranges, coconut, pineapples, limes, grapefruit, and peppers along with flowers were planted. Already, some of the plants have begun to bear fruit and are being utilized by both the quarry and the parent company.

Keeping in line with the company’s concern and respect for its environs and community, BK Quarries Inc. constructed and furnished a new police outpost which provides additional security for both the company and residents of the area

Plans are in pipeline to invest a further $10M us into the project by 2012 to further enhance and increase production levels; establish a semi-beach resort complete with a miniature golf-course as well as a yachting port, for the benefit of all staff, residents of Bartica, as well as local and overseas visitors to the facility.

BK Management meanwhile, would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr John Tracey and the Board of Directors of Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry(GBTI), for placing faith in the company’s determination, against all odds, to invest in BK Quarries Inc.