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M.V. Alexis ‘T’ 3,050 Tons General Cargo Vessel

M.V. Gloria‘T’ 2,490 Tons Containerised Vessel Capacity - 160 Containers


BKMI expansion plans include the acquisition of two new vessels to transport Guysuco’s export
to the European markets, one capable of transporting seven thousand (7,000) tons and the other
twelve thousand (12,000) tons of Guysuco sugar. Guyana’s sugar quota to Europe amounts to
one hundred and seventy five thousand (175000) tons annually. This is supplied exclusively by
BKMI was advised that as a result of the strong demand for international shipping from China,
Guysuco’s present shipping arrangements may be at risk.

Therefore, approaches have been made to BKMI to acquire vessels to meet this need on a five
year contract basis.
BKMI is confident that if it is successful in securing the financing it will be assured that shipping
contract in a simultaneous fashion. Enquiries have been received by BKMI from the Guyana
Bauxite Industry about the prospects of transporting bauxite ore to markets in Europe and
North America.
Presently there is no Guyanese Vessel capable of transporting huge volumes to Europe and
BKMI feels that if they were to secure such vessels then it would have a marked advantage in
securing cargo particularly in a competitive market.
All of these vessels will be on Panamanian registry classed by Lloyds and compliant with the
new International ships and Port Facility security (IsPs) which took effect in July 1, 2004.
At the present time the work force of BKMI exceeds 70 personnel. With the acquisition of three
new vessels and ocean going tugs and barges to export products, this workforce will more than
Because of strict international maritime law and regulations, it became necessary to place
the maritime activities in a separate component and to isolate BK International Inc. from the
rigidity of maritime obligations and to confine these responsibilities exclusively to BKMI and its
insurance companies which cover the maritime risks, which may arise from time to time.

Motor Tanker New Horizons Fuel Transportation around the Caribbean Capacity - 38,000 Barrels