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Six recently acquired Kobelco Excavators from AINLIM for the 9th EDF Sea Defence Project

Aerial view of BK's fleet


The Marine section of BK International was established since 1998 out of necessity to transport vast quantities of rock armor and other materials to construction sites in Guyana.
This fleet consisted initially of tugs and barges. Over the years, this fleet has increased significantly.
The “Alexis T” a three thousand (3,000) ton Ocean going vessel was acquired by BK International Inc. in 1999.
The Marine section of BK International then evolved into BK Marine Inc (BKMI) which was established in May, 2001.


BKMI’s fleet now consists of the following:

Vessel Cargo DWT Description
MV Alexis T 3050 tons Ocean Going
MV Briony T 1200 tons Ocean Going
MV Gloria T 2490 tons Ocean Going
MT New Horizons 38000 barrels (capacity) Fuel Tanker
Tug MT Gail 49 tons (GRT) Tug
Tug Gail 2000 69 tons (GRT) Tug
Disenting Judge   Tug
Foxy Lady 259 tons Tug
Barge Alana I 600 tons Barge
Barge Alana II 700 tons Barge
Alana II 1089 tons Barge
Alana III 1131 tons Barge
Alana IV 1131 tons Barge
LY - 702 600 tons Barge
LY - 703 600 tons Barge
GELFI 1&2 300 tons Barge
CMS – 627 700 tons Barge
Ashley K 5254 tons Barge
Dara B 3735 tons Barge
Duke 135.6 tons Barge
#89 1000 tons Barge
#90 1000 tons Barge

BKMI’s fleet has a market value in excess of four million united states dollars (4,000,000).
BKMI ocean going vessels are registered to call at ports in the Caribbean, south and Central
The experience of operating the Alexis T has demonstrated that there is a strong demand for
cargo shipping services in Guyana.
This has led BKMI to explore further and to expand this business


BKMI has recently been awarded a contract to transport sugar for the Guyana sugar Corporation
(Guysuco) from Guyana to the Caribbean community.
BKMI has its own ports / wharf facilities in Guyana.
The successfully acquisition of this Guysuco contract has forced the company to secure three
new vessels in 2003 as listed above.
The two (2) larger vessels viz. Alexis T and Gloria T are used for the export of Rice, Plywood
and other products to Haiti, Dominica Republic, etc. and on the return voyage these vessels
transport Cement, steel, Fertilizer, Gypsum and other products.
The two (2) twelve hundred (1,200) ton vessels are dedicated to the Guyana sugar
BKMI has recently acquired a fuel tanker, the MT New Horizons which has a carrying capacity of
thirty eight thousand (38,000) barrels of fuel. This tanker works within the Caribbean and south
American countries.