Company Profile


BK International Inc. (BK) Guyana’s largest privately owned indigenous construction company was registered in 1993. It is the successor entity to B & K Transportation and Construction services which started operations ten years earlier.
The former Principal shareholder, Chief Executive Officer and the driving force behind BK and its associated companies is Mr. Brian Tiwarie.
BK now owns the largest pool of construction and transportation assets in Guyana, comprising over four hundred pieces of equipment of all types. BK has successfully completed major projects funded by private, government and international funding agencies. These projects consist mainly of: sea Defence Works Civil Construction Commercial Construction Custom Residential Construction
BK, during the period 1995 to 2002 has successfully completed many projects mainly in the area of sea defence financed by the IDB in excess of ten million united states Dollars.
BK also maintains its own port / wharf facilities at Vreed-en-Hoop. BK was the first Guyanese owned Construction Company to undertake a major sea defence project financed by united states PL 480 / World Bank at La Belle Alliance, Essequibo in 1997.  In 2003, BK successfully executed a five million united states dollars contract for the construction of 2.1 km sea Defence at Mon Chosie, West Coast Berbice, the largest to be awarded to a Guyanese company. BK now does over ninety percent (90%) of all local sea Defence works including one hundred percent (100%) of all IDB funded sea Defence Projects.
It is accurate therefore to say that BK has successfully executed major projects financed by united states PL 480 / World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and Caribbean Development Bank. BK has executed a major farm to market road which was financed by the European union – Re: L.E.A.P Program. BK executed the Largest sea Defence Contract awarded in Guyana. This contract involved the construction of approximately 4 km of sea Defence in Regions 2 and 3 to the value of approximately 3.6 billion Guyana dollars and also funded by the European union. The award of this contract substantiates the capabilities, professionalism and expertise of BK International Inc.

In addition, BK executed another sea Defence Project valued at 1.2 billion Guyana dollars at Profit

In addition, BK executed another sea Defence Project valued at 1.2 billion Guyana dollars at Profit/Belladrum, West Coast Berbice. This project was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and was designed by Royal Haskoning of the Netherlands and involved a modern approach of the rip rap design.
Additional projects included the construction of roads and water supplies for the low income housing funded by the European union and the construction of a new modern roll on and roll off stelling at supenaam.
BK’s success over the years is partly explained by the contributions of the associated companies - BK Quarries Inc and BK Marine Inc. BK was able to purchase the construction assets of PAC/ GELFI, an Italian firm involved in sea defence works in Guyana. This acquisition further strengthened BK’s position in the construction industry and makes it the dominant player, especially in the area of sea and river defences.
BK has further strengthened especially in the area of sustainability with the establishment of the most recent BK Farms.
BK’s asset base is valued in excess of us$6,000,000.

BK prides itself on its large qualified and experienced work force and engineering expertise which allows it to undertake major projects in Guyana requiring exacting performance.
BK has in its employ professionals and consultants in every branch of the engineering sciences, permitting it to do both the planning and implementing of complex projects.
BK employs over four hundred persons in the Engineering, Administration, Finance and Personnel Departments.

These four companies operate as an integrated system, working together to support and complement the work of each other.
BK Quarries Inc. (BKQI) guarantees the supply of boulders and other quarry products to BK’s construction projects and BK Marine Inc. (BKMI) guarantees timely delivery of these products by tugs and barges to various locations in Guyana.
The importance of BKQI lies in the fact that experience has proven that local quarries are often incapable of supplying material both in terms of quantities and timeliness.

As a part of diversification, BK decided to invest in the Agricultural section and a company was thus incorporated in the name and style of B.K.Farms Inc. on the 29th day of February 2008.
On this initiative, BK Farms Inc. has purchased 348 acres of land at Part of Plantation Flensburg, 178.828 acres of land at Plantation Versailes, WBD, 4/5 of Cultivation ‘J’, Toevlugt, WBD and 1.6677 acres of Plantation Malgre Tout, WBD for cultivation of crops, fruits and vegetables. As a beginning, paddy cultivation has commenced at Versailes, WBD.
BK’s expansion plans involve major investment in BKQI, BKMI and BK Farms. This expansion and diversification programme will enhance the overall performance and economic viability of the group.

BK over the years has been the recipient of numerous awards in various categories for its outstanding performance and contributions to the development of society.
Exceptional are the following:
1. International Gold star for Quality – 2004

2. International Platinum star for Quality Award – 2005

3. World Quality Commitment International Award (Gold Category) -2006

4. The Arch of Europe for Commitment to Quality - 2007

CEO, Mr. Brian Tiwarie leading the Prime Minister (right), Minister Ashni Singh (left) and other Government Officials on a conducted tour of Teperu/Itabu Quarries

New Sports and Recreation Facility

BK International Inc. Transportation Service. Fleet of buses and other machinery at Mandela Ave. site.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds greets Managing Director / CEO of B.K International Inc. Brian Tiwarie at the handing over ceremony of equipment from MACORP . From left is Egan Bazilio, Office Manager, Tiwarie’s sons Kevin & Kyle & Minister Manniram Prashad is at the Prime Minister’s left.

Training Programme in progress at Macorp.

Supplying and Installing of Water Mains, Guyana Sewerage and Water Commissioner.

Laying of pipelines in the City of Georgetown - first of its kind locally

Work in progress - Torani Canal

Completed Drainage & Irrigation works to the 13.5 miles long Torani Canal.

Completed Section of the 36 mile Boerasirie Canal & Embankment.

Superior Rip-Rap versus Concrete Wall, Hague, West Coast Demerara.

Transporting Clay fill material along the Boerasirie Canal.

Stockpiling Clay fill material for the Boerasirie Canal Embankment.

Completed Rip-Rap Sea Defence.

Rehabilitation of the Torani Canal Head and Tail Regulators

Completed Rip-Rap Sea Defence.